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Summer Bloom Mural, Inspired by Fountain Square

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When clients reach out, they often have some idea of what they want but may not know exactly. I love starting the process of helping narrow down some design choices. I use Procreate to make mock up designs based on our initial design conversation.

The sweet couple that commissioned this garage mural were excited to be living in their new house in Fountain Square, a hip, artsy neighborhood here in Indianapolis. They wanted the mural to have a subtle nod to the neighborhood. The logo of Fountain Square is yellow, orange and white:

So we settled on white flowers and I created a few designs for them to choose from. After a few tweaks, they chose an arc of white flowers crowning the garage.

The weather was perfect while I worked on this for 2 days. Mural making is hard, physical work and so rewarding - the feeling of a whole body workout is nice and of course seeing the large scale, finished result is always my favorite part.

Check out these time lapse videos to get a sense of what it takes to move a ladder and go up and down it 500 times in an hour :).

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