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Flower Murals for this Rad Dentist Office!

I am the luckiest when I get repeat clients. I love creating a cohesive theme with artwork, so when I was asked to create murals in several spaces at a dentist office, I was thrilled.

In order to help the building get noticed, I first created this wildflower mural:

This mural wraps around the side and welcomes patients as they enter the building:

Interior Murals

Next up was an interior mural that patients could see when they first checked in at the reception desk.

This black and white graphic mural is both bold and beautiful.

I then created a mural in an exam room that is also black and white, but uses white negative shapes to create flowers. I used gold leaf for added interest.

The most recent piece I created was a lovely flower bouquet on the exit door. Patients can see this mural at the end of the hallway. It's a nice parting scene after a trip to the beautiful dentist office.

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