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Daycare Center Wall Mural

I recently had the pleasure of painting a bunch of murals for Shannon's Exclusive Child Care At Geist. The main mural attraction is in the foyer.

I wanted to paint something soothing, but with some wonder and whimsy, something both adults and children would enjoy. I have 2 boys and I know how much fun they would've had looking for all the animals in this painting.

I also think kids deserve environments that have some sophistication. The art work need not be primary colors and simple shapes. I was so happy that my client felt the same way! She was a pleasure to work with. I was asked to add some elements on the side wall to unify the space. So I did!

I love how soft these colors are and how the plants in the foreground really create a sense of space.

There's a long hallway that also needed some mural love. Keeping the design consistent, I painted this:

Each of the rooms is named after a tree, so I painted one in each room too! Here we have the newborn room: the Lilac Tree Room.

The other trees were: Fig, Magnolia, Tulip, Maple and Oak. I think the Magnolia is my favorite, because, flowers!

And last but not least, the owner asked if I would cover this space in her office that had some artwork on it from another building owner. She talked about how much courage it took to open the business and how she knew in her heart there'd be a parachute to help, if she needed it. I can completely relate, as a small business owner, it takes so much courage but is so worth doing what you love in this short, sweet life. So I created this little piece:

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