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Dance Kalaidascope Mural

When asked if I could create a mural that was modern, elegant, involved elements of nature, the color gold to celebrate their 50th anniversary and embodied contemporary movement for Dance Kalaidascope, I was honored and excited.

Dance Kalaidascope has a mission to inspire, educate and entertain through the experience of outstanding contemporary dance.

The 2022-23 Season is a momentous occasion for Dance Kaleidoscope with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary. Over its 50-year history, Dance Kaleidoscope has been recognized for exceptional contemporary dance, arts education, and for its outstanding contributions to Indiana’s arts and cultural communities. This historic year will be a time to reflect on a golden legacy of achievement, the tremendous growth the organization has achieved and to celebrate all those who helped to facilitate it.

Coming up with a concept and design is a challenging and exciting part of the mural process. I love getting direction from a client and creating something celebrates their vision and brand.

Drawing with huge paint markers to make graceful lines, and create the figures was one of my favorite parts of creating this piece. The wall was huge, a beautiful canvas.

The airy nature of this design and the green colors are perfect to represent in the essence and branding of Dance Kalaidascope.

After a thirty-two career at Dance Kaleidoscope, David Hochoy will retire from his position as the Artistic Director at the end of the 2022–2023 Season. To honor his work, I used a photo of him as a reference to include in the mural.

Thank you, Dance Kalaidascope for a great project!

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