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Bold Foyer Mural Before/After

I love a good before and after photo story. This gorgeous arts and crafts home was amazing before I painted a bold bright mural there and is now colorful, fun and even more gorgeous (if that's even possible).



What did I use?

I used Sherwin Williams interior latex paint. I love this paint. I can get any color/shade that I want. There's nothing more fun than standing in front of all the paint swatches and choosing the perfect colors for each job.

I also used gold leaf for this mural. When the light catches it, it shines and sparkles. I do love a good sparkle.

I didn't map this out but created the shapes as I went along the wall. I also blended the edges of the colors in some places to have a nice juxtaposition of blended and sharp edges. Since the walls are plaster, the paint dried quickly. The key was painting the colors that were next to each other pretty quickly so I could blend those edges.

When everything was dry, I applied gold leaf adhesive and then added the gold leaf.


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