Meet Andre Jefferson

Andre has always explored the world with curiosity. He has a great sense of wonder. At age three Andre became interested in dinosaurs and quickly learned not only the names of 70 dinosaurs but their height, length, weight, what they ate, and where Andre they lived.

From dinosaurs to Legos, in just a few short years Andre soon became adept at the schematics of Lego manuals. Like many kids, he began designing his own creations but his imagination led him to the idea of using these creations to make action features with his mom’s Flip camera. He then started filming his own parkour stunts by experimenting with the camera – framing, lighting, sound, editing and other techniques like fast motion, slow motion and reverse action.

Andre became a fan of scientific websites especially ones that showed how things work. He is passionate about learning and understanding the world around him. The websites brought science to life for him with their videography.

Andre’s inquisitive nature pointed him to learning about video cameras. He went online to read product reviews of video cameras and found the camera that had the capabilities he envisioned for his own science experiments.

One of these experiments took place in September 2011. Andre became intrigued with kinetics after he saw a video by the Kinetic King. Andre’s friend taught him how to make a Cobra Weave with popsicle sticks. The tension of the weave causes a chain reaction where the sticks fly into the air. Weaving together a trail of 1000 sticks through his house, Andre filmed the reaction, then edited and posted the video on his YouTube channel (coolvids317). The “new record 1000 sticks HD!!! video went viral. It has been shared on numerous blogs and websites with over 2 million views.

Andre has since been interviewed many times about kinetics and his video. A special invitation from Anderson Cooper took Andre and his family to New York City where he appeared on “Anderson,” the Anderson Cooper talk show. Andre made a Cobra weave of 1400 sticks to the delight of Anderson Cooper and the audience, and himself. He was recently on Nickelodeon’s Figure it Out game show.

Andre has a pending world record for: Guinness World Record Longest Stick Bomb which he built with his friend. They set up 11,000 sticks. 6900 detonated.

Andre is curious, kind, patient, creative and a keen observer of the world around him. It is only natural that Andre’s goal is to learn something new each day!

Recent Accomplishments:
TEDx Youth talk, Indianapolis Event, January 2013
Pitch Feast Participant and Presenter, February 2013
Guinness World Record of 6900 stick Stick Bomb (pending)
Andre has appeared on the following television programs:
Anderson Cooper Show, November 2011
Wish TV 8, November 2011
Fox 59, November 2011, March 2012
Discovery Channel, Canada, October 2011
Right This Minute, Interview, October 2011
PBS WFYI, The Friday Zone, March 2012
Nickelodeon, Figure it Out, May 2012
Andre has appeared in the following print publications and radio programs:
Indianapolis Star, November 2011, March 2012, August 2013
Broad Ripple Gazette, March 2012
Smiley Radio Show, WZPL, November 2011
Indy’s News Center, WIBC, March 2012
Andre has provided workshops and demonstrations:
Indiana Math and Science Academy
Art of the Soul Studio
Butler Lab School
Hoosier Academy
Presenter, Louisville Science Center, Engineering Week
Andre’s video has been presented on numerous programs and internet outlets:
Good Morning America
Engineering Today
Boing Boing
2 million views on YouTube